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Each PicPac comes with one bag of 10 random collectible, tradeable magnets and one pack of five PicPac markers.

PicPac is the world’s only magnetic backpack that can also be drawn on with dry erase markers. Collect and trade PicPac magnets with your friends! Change the design of your PicPac anytime. Play Tic Tac Toe, Hang Man, and many other games on your PicPac with your friends on the bus or anywhere. Create your own magnets with the PicPac magic water resistant, printable magnetic sheet kit**. Unlike any other backpack in the world, with PicPac you pick the way you want your PicPac to look!

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Draw or write on your PicPac….

In addition to having collectible, tradeable magnets to create your own unique backpack, you can also draw your own artwork or message on the white board located on the front of your PicPac. Wipe clean anytime and you will have a clean whiteboard to draw or write on again!

Buy New Collectible, Tradeable Magnet

$3.99 per pack and a 10% discount when buying 2 or more packs.  PicPac magnets come in packs of 10 unique magnets. Collect them all and trade with your friends!

Play games


PicPac looks the way you want it to look

  • Customize It

    PicPac's are customizable and allow you to change the look of your PicPac at any time

  • Play Games

    Play Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, or other games with your friends

  • Change It

    Change the look of your PicPac with new magnets, draw new artwork, or write new messages

  • Draw & Write

    Write or draw on the dry erase white board located on the front of your PicPac, wipe clean, and rewrite or draw new artwork!